Peak District

Memory Map / Tracklogs only routes:

- Buxton and Western Peaks, mbr Jan '06 .mmo .trl .gpx
- Castleton, Mam Tor and Rushop Edge, mbr June '05 .mmo .trl  
- Castleton Ride & Mam Tor .mmo .trl  
- Chatsworth Triple Eight .mmo .trl .gpx
- Cut Gate Out-and-Back .mmo .trl  
- Darley Bridge: High Peak Station .mmo .trl .gpx
- Darley Bridge, What Mountain Bike, April '05 .mmo .trl .gpx
- Easy, Singletrack Issue 26 .mmo .trl .gpx
- Edale: Jacob's Ladder .mmo .trl  
- Epic Ride, Daylight Robbery, mbr March '05 .mmo .trl .gpx
- Eyam & Bakewell .mmo .trl .gpx
- Hadfield, Cut Gate Path, Killer Loop, mbr Sept '05 .mmo .trl  
- Hadfield, Dark Peak Loop, What Mountain Bike, Dec '04 .mmo .trl  
- Hadfield: Long Route, Singletrack Issue 20 .mmo .trl  
- Hadfield: Longdendale & Woodhead Reservoir .mmo .trl  
- Hadfield: Medium Route, Singletrack Issue 20 .mmo .trl  
- Hadfield: Short Route, Singletrack Issue 20 .mmo .trl  
- Hathersage: Derwent Valley, Hard, mbr June '06 .mmo .trl  
- Hayfield: Chinley Churn, Easy, mbr April '06 .mmo .trl  
- Hayfield, Dark Peak, mbr Nov '04 .mmo .trl  
- Hayfield: Kinder Scout, What Mountain Bike, June '05 .mmo .trl  
- Hayfield: Pennine Pedaller, What Mountain Bike, July '06 .mmo .trl  
- Hope, Killer Loop mbr Nov '03 .mmo .trl  
- Hope Triple Eight .mmo .trl  
- Horwich End & Buxton, mbr April '04 .mmo .trl .gpx
- Ladybower, Cut Gate & Doctors Gate .mmo .trl  
- Ladybower and Derwent Moor, mbr Aug '05 .mmo .trl  
- Ladybower, What Mountain Bike, July '05 .mmo .trl  
- Langsett Moors, mbr April '05 .mmo .trl  
- Mam Tor .mmo .trl  
- Medium, Singletrack Issue 26 .mmo .trl .gpx
- Middleton By Youlgrave .mmo .trl .gpx
- Middleton By Youlgrave 2 .mmo .trl .gpx
- Rowsley: Hard, Singletrack Issue 26 .mmo .trl .gpx
- Rowsley Killer Loop, mbr Sept '06 .mmo .trl .gpx
- Stanage .mmo .trl  
- The Edge .mmo .trl  
- Whaley Bridge: High Peak Loop .mmo .trl  

You can download all the Peaks routes as a .mmo or as zipped .trl's.

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-Andy Green 2006